Saturday, June 13, 2009

A short piece.

Ok gurls.
This is gonna be a short one.
Cuz I'm on d verge of puking. hahahah.
Nway, I'm back at home now.
Still missing mama n my cute siblings.
They're very noisy, mind u.
But that's d best part! So u can say I'm missing the noise rite now. hehe.

Oh. I did go down to KL to see my new baby nephew.
He's named Muhammad Umar Sajjad. Sedap giler kan???
Seeing him makes me so excited on seeing my own!!
N rite now I'm thinking lots and lots of names for my dear!!

But u kno wotz d best part?
I got to see two of my lovely ladies!!
Yerp. I got to meet Julie n Yaqin dearests in KLCC wit Mr. F tagging along~
We had d usual loud n noisy lunch at Chili's.
Plus wit Mr. F's teasing on d gurls, d party was shrilling wit Julie's shrieks n Yaqin's voluptuous laughs~ Oh I just love them to bits.
Too bad Yuni and Huda couldn't join us. It would be fun-ner!!
Oh yes Yuni dear. I still hold a grudge on u for skipping our date!!
U owe us gurl~ hehehe.
It was a short 3-hour meeting, but dat was enuf to lepaskan my rindu towards them.
Wait till our next meet k!!
That time I'm sure u'll be seeing my buldging tummy~ hehe.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

itz a holley holiday~

Gosh i'm so bad at updating huh?
Happy holidays to all teachers n students (dah macam speech draft la plak).
But not a very happy holiday to those who hafta teach during d hol's! haha.
As for me.
I'm spending my entire two-week hol's here at Mama's. And I'm having a big appetite now! (That's very rare u see since I'm very picky with food now. I guess nothing beats ur mum's cook!)
Kak Yati was 'risik-ed' today and we were busy preparing food and stuffs. Even d limping me was helping a lot u kno! (only i did all the sit-down jobs like wiping d plates. hehe.)
Congrats kakak dearie! U're gonna be busy preparing for ur big day soon-ish~

Huhu.. Poor Mr.F will be missing me til he meets me next week.. But he's super duper busy with his training anyway.
Did i ever mention Mr. F is d best softball training coach?? Oh he is!
He brought our under12 team for d softball MSSJ tournament & won every game!!!
They didn't even give a chance to their opponents to make a run! And now he's preparing them for d MSSM tournament next week in Batu Pahat (yes Julie dear, he's gonna around ur area!).
Oh I'm so proud u Mr. F!! Go go sayang! You can do it!! Love u to bits~
But him being d coach means not having him around me all the time. And that s**ks! Keji kan?
But u kno wot? I realise this is kinda the time where we get to be the lovey-dovey monkey lovers we used to be! hahaha.
U kno, texting. Waiting for his phonecalls before u go to sleep. And if he didn't call, u'd be sulking till he coaxed u. Cam zaman cintan-cintun kan? haha.

Oh btw, I'm limping more than ever now. I'm having spasm at my right sole. Haih. This is what I call a mother's sacrifice. Haha.
But now I have my cute siblings to massage and gosok-gosok my leg (they're being forced actually). Ahhh heaven betul. hahah.

Okehla. I hope my beautiful ladies will have a fanta-bulous holiday. I may not be able to see u gurls this hol's but we'll be keeping in touch k!

Love u kids~

Monday, May 25, 2009

yada yada yada

i kno i said i'm too lazy to put up a blog. and i mean it.

but since my lovely ladies are dying to update themselves wit their soon-to-be-born godchild...
so here it is.

but i don't think this is gonnabe my permanent baby blog and all baby talks.

don't worry. i'll still add some juices of my fabulous life. + hecticness and some bits of hot gossips here and there. hihi.

ok. datz all for now. i need to go and vomit myself out coz datz what i do before goin to bed now. hahah. (
hopefully it won't last till d ninth month! it's painstaking throwing out wot u juz ate for dinner u kno!)

gunite kids~ *yawn*