Saturday, June 13, 2009

A short piece.

Ok gurls.
This is gonna be a short one.
Cuz I'm on d verge of puking. hahahah.
Nway, I'm back at home now.
Still missing mama n my cute siblings.
They're very noisy, mind u.
But that's d best part! So u can say I'm missing the noise rite now. hehe.

Oh. I did go down to KL to see my new baby nephew.
He's named Muhammad Umar Sajjad. Sedap giler kan???
Seeing him makes me so excited on seeing my own!!
N rite now I'm thinking lots and lots of names for my dear!!

But u kno wotz d best part?
I got to see two of my lovely ladies!!
Yerp. I got to meet Julie n Yaqin dearests in KLCC wit Mr. F tagging along~
We had d usual loud n noisy lunch at Chili's.
Plus wit Mr. F's teasing on d gurls, d party was shrilling wit Julie's shrieks n Yaqin's voluptuous laughs~ Oh I just love them to bits.
Too bad Yuni and Huda couldn't join us. It would be fun-ner!!
Oh yes Yuni dear. I still hold a grudge on u for skipping our date!!
U owe us gurl~ hehehe.
It was a short 3-hour meeting, but dat was enuf to lepaskan my rindu towards them.
Wait till our next meet k!!
That time I'm sure u'll be seeing my buldging tummy~ hehe.


  1. ala... im so sorry shayang~ ill go to ur place next time okek? muahxsss!

  2. yunee keji! but it was still fun to meet u and my future baby... =)

  3. yuniii.. tiada maaf bagi mu!!
    oh n prettycherryyyy.. jgn nk pasan yek!!

  4. ala...
    im so sory laa shayangs!!!
    ape yg patut aku buat untuk mendapat kemaafan dr kamu semua..

  5. ehh babe..

    i remembered some time ago [ok fine it was 3 years ago! how time flies..] u was in love wit Mr D... time move on, we move on.. and now u are happily with Mr F... however...

    i wonder what happen with Mr E?

    another eQin's lame joke... *sigh*

  6. only 1 thinG i wanna kno now.

    how biG is yr tummy?
    hek hek.

    mine was sho biG, that
    once aku Gave birth,
    aku rasa sanGat kuwus.
    o my.

  7. apdet laa oi.
    aku tGh borinG nehh
    tlG lah bekalkan aku nGan bahan bacaan yG menareks tertareks